Monday, 18 February 2013

So.. it's been a while again but things in life and health seem to be finally moving in the right direction. After spending the last 2  years seriously struggling with a bad flare up of my health condition, getting married in the middle of it and moving house, updating my blog and website has been sadly neglected.

Fully settled in and enjoying my first couple of years of married life I am now well enough to launch myself forward and finally start to update everything.

One of the best features of the last year is finally getting space for a dedicated studio!! Goodness knows how much I needed that given how much stuff I've got... I could probably fill a space twice the size quite easily but am over the moon that I'm lucky enough to have this space. It took a while to organise and set up so it was usable for both myself and my hubby who writes poetry and various blogs including Eating Exeter which reviews eateries in the Exeter area. He has his old wooden writing desk (which currently is covered in computing stuff so no photo for the moment ;)) and I have my glass desk and computer desk within wheeling distance on my comfy chair. I have surrounded myself with things of inspiration and "stuff" generally that I have collected over the years which just make me happy by being there.

I have been using the studio the last 6 months or so to create new images and produce products to sell. I had an urge to make, create and sell so started up a shop on Etsy. Although quite a bit of focus has been in the Etsy work I have continued to do some illustration projects on the side and like every good creative I have not stopped drawing and painting and continuing to generate new ideas to work on. 

I feel I am at a turning point right now and my crafty sideline hasn't stopped me itching to get my teeth into more illustrating. I realise that I have to put the time I have now without a flare up to good use and really push myself to get my work out there. I have quietly built up my portfolio and feel confident with what I have to offer so I think I should use this moment to jump in and I am beginning by updating my existing online presence here and getting a website back up and running on

Watch This Space!!! 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Illustration Friday : SNOW!

It's been a while since I've updated or taken part in anything blog wise! Hopefully this is the first of a new surge to get my work out there again :).

One of my most favorite things in the world - snow, I couldn't help but want to take part with a title like that!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Minute Poems

At last it is ready! Printing and binding has begun and copies are stacking ready to be sold to the awaiting public (hopefully ;)

An official book launch will take place at the Epicentre Cafe in Paignton on the 29th October.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well the latest work development is the collaboration of myself and my poet partner. With a writer and Illustrator together we couldn't let it go for long without producing something so I am self producing a book for us. Watch this space for updates!

Friday, 25 September 2009



after a short break focusing on developments in life I have got very itchy fingers to get back to the drawing board and get my work back on track. Developing my folio constantly so I can have something I'm proud of to show agencies and editors is my main priority.. has been for far too long and I'm beginning to wonder if being a perfectionist and very self critical means I'll never reach the position I want to be in, so I may have to accept my work as it is and stop trying to make my folio perfect in my eyes.. I don't think I'll ever manage it!

Getting things back on track comes after spending the last few months focusing on love.. that wonderful and elusive thing which I feel I am so very very lucky to have found (in the cliche most unlikely of places). Falling in love and developing the early part of a relationship certainly removes attention from being creative.. for me it does unless the creativity is connected to the person I love which isn't particularly helpful as being an illustrator is rarely about self-indulgence!

Happily the union in love is also a creative one as my nearest and dearest is a poet. I'll be keeping the blog updated with our collaboration work which will hopefully be beneficial to both of us and feed our creative urges.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


This was one of my favorite character d
esigns. The Gorilla appears at the end of the story as an accident and I just had this image of an enormous grinning gorilla sitting on the last page!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen has quite a small part i
n the story itself but with the title of Queen I knew she would have to be an impressive figure. Now, you may question why I decided to try this competition when I make the next statement, I have NEVER enjoyed or been particularly good at drawing fairies. I love other peoples representations of fairies, Brian Froud being one of my favorites, but it has never been a strong point of mine when it comes to executing a picture. With that in mind I began to tackle the Fairy Queen with some trepidation. It eventually took me 3 days and 8 different designs (by which point I was almost ready to throw in the towel) none of which worked for me before I settled on the following design. After such a nightmare journey to come up with her design she has strangely ended up being my favorite design. That is unusual for me because if I struggle with something I am rarely satisfied with the outcome.