Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen has quite a small part i
n the story itself but with the title of Queen I knew she would have to be an impressive figure. Now, you may question why I decided to try this competition when I make the next statement, I have NEVER enjoyed or been particularly good at drawing fairies. I love other peoples representations of fairies, Brian Froud being one of my favorites, but it has never been a strong point of mine when it comes to executing a picture. With that in mind I began to tackle the Fairy Queen with some trepidation. It eventually took me 3 days and 8 different designs (by which point I was almost ready to throw in the towel) none of which worked for me before I settled on the following design. After such a nightmare journey to come up with her design she has strangely ended up being my favorite design. That is unusual for me because if I struggle with something I am rarely satisfied with the outcome.

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